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Refund Policy

GLRSA/Boilers FC has a NO refund policy. Once you register your child for our program, we will not refund your money if you later decide to withdraw your child. Due to the low cost of our program and the administrative work needed to complete such a refund, the board of directors has adopted this policy. As a non-profit organization, we will use your funds to help promote and advance the mission of the organization within our community. Refunds to due serious injuries are reviewed on a case by case basis (a 100% refund is not guaranteed).

Coach Selection Policy

Prior to each season, anyone interested in coaching for GLRSA/Boilers FC must register. Each individual will be subject to a background check as outlined in our Risk Management Plan. Once these steps are completed, GLRSA/Boilers FC will make final selections of head coaches and assistant coaches. These selections will be made based on individuals GLRSA/Boilers FC determines are the most appropriate to coach and serve as representatives of the organization.

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