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Player Fees

Full Team offers for travel soccer are a full one year commitment, except at the high school level where they only participate in the Spring. Reserve and Training Only offers are good for the period following the tryout from which the offer was given through the next tryout (e.g. for the Fall only, or for the Winter and Spring only).

With the exception of the 10U teams, tournament fees are not covered by the player fees.

Boilers FC has a no refund policy, with potential exceptions for injuries. Requests for refunds due to injuries will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The initial payment will always be non-refundable, even for injuries.

For offers given as a result of Summer tryouts

Full Team Offer***Reserve Player Offer***Training Only Offer
For Fall, Winter and SpringFor Fall Season Only
U11, U12$775.00$215.00$150.00
U13, U14$975.00$260.00$150.00
U15-U19$625.00 N/A N/A

For offers given as a result of Supplemental tryouts

Full Team Offer***Reserve Player Offer***Training Only Offer
For Winter and Spring
U11, U12$475.00$270.00$200.00
U13, U14$595.00$335.00$200.00

***Note: Full game and training kits are required with these offers

Payments are required upon the acceptance of an offer to play or train with a team. Full Team offers will have additional payments in as many as four additional months after the offer acceptance. For example, a payment schedule for a U13 player receiving a full offer at the summer tryouts may be similar to what follows:
  • June payment (at offer acceptance) - $300
  • August payment - $225
  • October payment - $225
  • January payment - $225
The number of payments required, and the amount of each payment is dependent upon the age group the player is competing in.

Each time a credit card declines, we reserve the right to add an additional $25 charge to your total. It is the responsibility of the parents to keep the credit card on file up to date, regardless of the reason for the decline.

If a team is selected as a Great Lakes Conference team, additional fees of $150 per player may be required.


Scholarships are available for player fees only. All players are required to purchase a uniform (if they do not have the newest uniform) and pay for any applicable tournament fees. You must accept the offer and pay the initial payment before your request for assistance will be considered. Scholarships are not given for the initial payment. Once you know the scholarship amount awarded by the board, you can then decide whether or not to participate. You will have 48 hours after being notified of the scholarship award to decide if you want to participate. If you choose not to participate within the 48 hours of knowing the scholarship amount, we will refund the initial payment. After 48 hours, the initial payment will be non-refundable.

Financial Assistance Eligibility Criteria:

• Any member family currently receiving government assistance such as welfare, housing assistance, or free or reduced school lunch, may apply for scholarship support.

• Any member family with financial hardship as determined by the Boilers FC Board

Boilers FC may require verification of government assistance and/or tax return verification of financial need to determine player qualification for scholarship assistance. A copy of your paystubs may also be required.

To request a scholarship form, please send an email to boilersfc@gmail.com. All forms for youth and high school players need to be received by the board no later than June 30 to allow ample time to review prior to the August payment.