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Winter Training 2021

All schedules are subject to change. Check with the Director of Coaching, Alister Newby, for details.

Training is conducted at Family Sports Center, 3242 W 250 N, West Lafayette, IN.


5p-6p: 10U Girls and 10U boys

6p-7p: 12U Girls and 11U Girls

7p-8p: 14U Boys

8p-9p: 16U Boys (Gold and Black)


5p-6p: 11U Boys A and 12U Boys

6p-7p: 11U Boys B and 12U Boys

7p-8p: 16U Girls (Gold and Black)

8p-9p: 18U Girls


5p-6p: 13U Boys

6p-7p: 14U Girls (14U Girls Gold and 14U's from 14U Girls Black)

7p-8p: 13U Girls (13U Girls Gold and 13U's from 14U Girls Black)

8p-9p: 18U Boys (Gold and Black)