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Welcome to Boilers FC

Home of the largest soccer organization in the county!

If you hear thunder or see lightning, clear the field immediately!
Concussion Protocol - When in doubt, sit them out!  (
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June 14 @ 10:30pm: See below for changes to tryouts. Tryout info document will be updated Thursday.

Tryout Reschedules & Changes
Boys High School Tryouts (players born 1998 - 2003) = June 21 @ 7:30pm. Check-in starts 6:45pm.
Boys 14U/13U Tryouts (players born 2004, 2005) = June 19 @ 7:30pm. Check-in starts 6:45pm.
Boys 12U Tryouts (players born 2006) = June 19 @ 5:45pm. Check-in starts 5:00pm.  

Fall Tryouts:

Link to pre-register:  Click Here
*Must pre-register 24 hours in advance of your assigned tryout date
*Retuning players can use the box to the left
*New players need to set up a new account (blue button lower right corner)

Fall tryout information, dates, fees: Click Here

Send questions about recreational soccer to: glrsa1@aol.com
Send questions about travel soccer to: boilersfc@gmail.com