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Director of Coaching: Alister Newby - boilersdoc@gmail.com

Girls 2013 Academy

Manager: Regan Granlienard

Girls 2012 Black

Manager: TBD

Girls 2012 Gold

Manager: Tara Horath

Girls 2011 Black

Manager: Jaime Williams

Girls 2011 Gold

Manager: David Sharp

Girls 2010 Black

Manager: Ashley Zavela

Girls 2010 Gold

Manager: Jacob Maxwell

Girls 2009 Gold

Manager: Dustin Vredenburgh

Girls 2008 Gold

Manager: Michael Saunders

Boys 2014 Academy

Manager: Greg Koutsouros

Boys 2013 Academy

Manager: Julie Wallace

Manager: Lisa Daniel

Boys 2012 White

Manager: Adam Wright

Manager: Katie Bowsher

Boys 2012 Black

Manager: Dustin Vredenburgh

Boys 2012 Gold

Manager: Kristen Johnson

Boys 2011 Black

Manager: Megan Vredenburgh

Boys 2011 Gold

Manager: Regan Granlienard

Boys 2010 Black

Manager: Tracey Hall

Boys 2010 Gold

Manager: Jill Blumhoff

Boys 2009 Gold

Manager: Mark Hall

Manager: Josh Nixon

Boys 2008 Gold

Manager: Amanda Thompson

Link to register as a team manager: Team Manager